Spring is an excellent time for trailwalking on Faial. Temperatures are still mild and regular clouds prevent you from being over-exposed to the sun.

Still, with Faial Cottage being located on 'the sunny side of the Island', you can enjoy early year sunshine from your terrace while overlooking the ocean.

Family Staal, Faial Cottage, Azores, Portugal


This season shows you the true nature of Faial Island: With less tourists overall you still get the sunny side but you also get to experience winds, rain, fog and huge seawaves.

The ocean can be spectacular during this time of year while fog can sometimes change part of the Island into beautiful looking, mysterious areas.

Whenever a storm with heavy showers hits you, Faial Cottage offers you a warm and cosy stay.

Family Staal, Faial Cottage, Azores, Portugal
Family Staal, Faial Cottage, Azores, Portugal


Horta's harbor, evening walks on the boulevard, cosy restaurants and local bars.

Summer is full of life on Faial with many sailors visiting from all around the world.

Till late in the evening you can wonder off in a lively atmosphere only to return to the quiet nature and the bright starry skies at your B&B.

A good night of sleep and a delicious breakfast await you.

Family Staal, Faial Cottage, Azores, Portugal


If you don't like snow, ice, or maybe even the cold, but you do like Christmas, then Faial Cottage can be your option.

Temperatures don't go lower then 12 and snow is simply not an option on Faial, although you can still see it on the top of mount Pico from your B&B.

The B&B is traditionally decorated for Christmas to give you a warm holiday atmosphere...and we like to offer you a holiday breakfast too.