Is there a better way exploring the environment and it’s nature than by foot?

'Trilhos dos Açores' offers official  and well indicated walking trails. It’s a great way to experience the diversity and stunning nature of Faial Island.

Our location in Cedros is close to the starting points of several trails, however, since not all the trails are circular ones, you might easily skip the linear ones because you want to avoid walking back the same way as you came.

To make this easier, we offer a transfer service to the starting point, only to pick you up again at the finish.

Now you are free and flexible to choose and decide what trail you walk on what day. We provide you with a map of 'Trilhos dos Açores'.


The best trails of Faial are:

Important note:

Walking the trails is the full responsibility of the traveler. It’s highly recommended to follow the instructions provided by Trilhos dos Açores. Details

Please be aware that weather conditions can change very quicky in one day. Faial Cottage is not responsible for any damage, either personal or material.

It’s recommended to take out proper insurances in case of damage or cancellation.

Rocha de Fajâ

Walking down the cliff  through protected area, micro climate and vine yards.


Hiking around the crater of the Island of Faial and enjoy spectacular views.


Walking alongside the old water channels.